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Panoramic Maps

Panoramic Maps are a class of maps which are also loosely called as the illustrated maps, perspective maps, panoramic maps, Geopictorial maps, bird’s-eye view maps.

Contrary to the general road map, topographic mapping or atlas, the pictorial maps depict a territory more artistically compared to the technical style. The cartography may be a refined 3-D perspective landscape or may be a simple map graphic livened up with illustrations of animals, people, and buildings.  They can feature all sorts of different topics such as historical events, local agricultural products or legendary figures and covering everything from an entire continent to a college campus. Designed by specialized illustrators and artists, pictorial maps are a rich secular tradition and a form of art, ranging from cartoon maps on placemats in the restaurant to the precious art prints in the museums.

Panoramic maps are generally has an area as if viewed from above at an oblique angle. They generally do not scale to show the layout of streets, buildings and major landscape features in perspective. Although the regular maps emphasizes on the accurate representation of distances, the pictorial maps enhances the landmarks and often incorporate a complex interaction of different scales in an image to give the viewer a more familiar sense of recognition. By focusing on style and objects the maps cover a spectrum short childlike cartoon art in spectacular graphics which are more appealing, informative and very accurate. A few of them requires thousands of hours to produce.

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