J Arthur Davis

A little information about J Arthur Davis….. I am a professional photographer by trade and have been one for over 48 years. I have worked for private studios all the way to managing the photographic department for the Army War College in Carlisle Pennsylvania. Currently I run my own art reproduction facility in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.


My current clients come from all over the world. They are some of the top artists and photographers working in their fields today.


What you see on this website is one of my great passions.


Before cameras were popular traveling artists would tour the country and create drawings of towns and cities. These drawings would then be sold to the citizens of that town. When cameras became popular and airplanes were used these drawings went out of favor. Thanks to our government they were collected, photographed and put into the archives of the U.S., and made available to be reproduced and again to anyone who is interested.


With the advent of the Giclée wide format printers I am now able to print archival fine art prints of these towns and cities and make the available to you as museum quality prints. These prints are guaranteed to outlive both you and me. If for any reason they should fade I will replace them for you at no charge.

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